Lead Generation

Our contacts; your relationships

Our lead generation services are designed and delivered to place sole focus on promoting your location to investment-ready companies. We work with you to articulate your key sales messages to a defined global audience of business leaders; and to position your location or free zone as the premier destination to succeed in the Gulf.

By working with Emirates Trade & Investment, you can extend your team into the many international markets we are present in. You can also trust that your destination is being promoted by experts who have redefined industry standards on how to: identify, qualify, and nurture the hottest leads in the marketplace.

Identify and unlock

  • Getting to the right people at the right time is key to landing strong FDI projects
  • Attend a myriad of events in our markets to extract primary intelligence and forge new relationships
  • Explore the latest market intelligence via an array of platforms and databases

Listen and Learn

Getting close to decision-makers requires a time investment; our experienced consultants spend time listening to company history, learning about future strategy and extracting detailed information on the company’s international expansion plans

Sell and Close

Once the relationship is cemented, we reinforce the sales messaging and push your destination to the top of their short-list. We work with you before, during, and after the initial interaction – moving our leads from qualified to hot and to the dotted line.