About Us

Founded in 2018, Emirates Trade & Investment (ETI) is a management company that works with the Governments of the UAE and UK to increase bilateral trade between both countries by creating a physical UAE investment portal in London. Our knowledge of both markets, cultures, business practices, societies, and relationships are a strategic and competitive advantage.

As the only Emirati-owned and operated management firm of its kind in Britain, Emirates Trade & Investment is uniquely placed to build strong connections between these two economic giants, deftly extending the UAE’s business ecosystem into the UK. Our partnership with the UAE Embassy in London is a rare oasis, nourishing opportunities and allowing our investment portal to blossom like no other.

Trust, flexibility, and strength are the bedrock upon which the bridges of international commerce are built; these are the values that underpin all of our work. The United Kingdom is just the beginning as our values and ambitions are universal. We envision an ever-expanding network of bridges that spans the globe with the UAE at its hub.