Market Entry Advisory

Accelerating your success abroad

This service lies between Management & Representation and Trade Mission Support. It is a 3 month process that is designed to give you a 12-month experience and view of your international operations. The programme is structured in 3 different phases which are each 1 month long:

The what?

We build your market-entry strategy by extending our knowledge and conducting economic, industry, and market analysis to showcase the Opportunity. You are involved on a weekly basis to ensure the work is customised to your preference.

the who?

We identify and start to build all the relationships you need (or have be aware of) including leads, multipliers, partners, government departments, competitors, regulators, journalists, etc.

The how?

We compile and combine all the information and market intelligence we have gathered; then work with you to consolidate your knowledge and develop all your relationships. This will culminate into your execution strategy which we will manage for you on the ground and from afar.