Our story

ETI establishes a presence and manages the operations of Emirati entities in the UK as their representative or channel partner (and vice versa – UK entities in UAE). Our team fuses and integrates with our clients after training with the senior team – internalising their vision, value proposition, processes, principles, and people. ETI builds the perception of an official and independent presence for our clients which is extremely valuable as it eliminates the market’s skepticism with regards to ETI clients’ availability and credibility. The core of our value-generation activities is based on three elements:



Strategic Problem Solving

Relationship Development and Management

Cross-cultural and Local Knowledge

As the only Emirati-owned and operated management firm of its kind in Britain, Emirates Trade & Investment is uniquely placed to build strong connections between these two economic giants, deftly extending the UAE’s business ecosystem into the UK. Our partnership with the UAE Embassy in London is a rare oasis, nourishing opportunity and allowing our investment portal to blossom like no other. This partnership and the unique endorsement it affords represents the foundation of an exceptional support structure that keeps our clients standing tall and strong. UAE partners profit from our unparalleled local knowledge, the complete fusion of our team with their London-based operations and practical support day by day. Equally, UK clients benefit from meaningful business connections with the UAE, as well as the unique opportunities that only we can provide. Trust, flexibility and strength are the bedrock upon which the bridges of international commerce are built; these are the values that underpin all of our work, at home and abroad. The United Kingdom is just the beginning. Our values are universal. We envision an ever-expanding network of bridges that spans the globe with the UAE at its hub.


Join with us, and let us build these bridges together.

Our mission

Emirates Trade & Investment promotes the UAE as the principle of trade and investment hub in the Middle East. With trust, a uniquely integrated approach and our partnership with the UAE embassy in London, we deliver opportunity for government and private clients, locally and abroad. 

Our vision

Emirates Trade & Investment is the portal that links the UAE with the world. By building more connections, facilitating ever stronger partnerships and promoting greater cultural understanding, we envision an ever-expanding network of robust economic activity that spans the globe, with the UAE as its hub.

Our values

Every successful relationship is founded on trust; we earn our clients' trust through credibility, attentiveness and candour. Thanks to our partnership with the UAE embassy in London and unparalleled local knowledge, Emirati and British clients trust us to extend their reach into new markets.

When working with a broad range of clients across very different sectors, flexibility is essential. Through efficiency, understanding and close cooperation, we adapt our approach to match the needs and expectations of each client whilst identifying challenges and opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

Relationships with strong foundations endure and prosper. Strength is forged in unity of purpose, so we fuse completely with our clients' teams and operations. Working alongside them day by day to align perfectly with their vision and strategy, we aim to understand our clients as deeply as they understand themselves.

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