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Accelerating your success abroad

The UAE needs little introduction as an attractive market in which to trade. Despite support being available for exporters however, many companies find themselves without the knowledge, insights and connections to really move beyond that initial phase of market development. Emirates Trade & Investment squares this circle by taking you several steps beyond export support and building a viable strategy for future commercial success.

Our Market Entry service enable our clients to comprehensively explore the market opportunity in UAE. We conduct research, analysis and mapping to present you with a granular picture of where your products and services sit within the marketplace, where you can compete, and how to go about doing so. Once this mapping is done, we then conduct business development on your behalf, using your key sales messages and marketing collateral. Using a target list drawn up by our team on the ground conduct outreach and commit to securing an agreed number of qualified meetings.

By working with Emirates Trade & Investment, companies will not only save significant time and resource – our service takes 3 months in total – but will also have the laid the perfect foundation from which to tackle this lucrative market for the long term.  

The what

We build your market-entry strategy by extending our knowledge and conducting economic, industry, and market analysis to showcase the Opportunity. You are involved on a weekly basis to ensure the work is customised to your preference.

The who

We identify and start to build all the relationships you need (or have be aware of) including leads, multipliers, partners, government departments, competitors, regulators, journalists, etc.

The how

We compile and combine all the information and market intelligence we have gathered; then work with you to consolidate your knowledge and develop all your relationships. This will culminate into your execution strategy which we will manage for you on the ground and from afar.

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